Friday, September 6, 2013

ten months.

Parker is officially in the double digits...10 months OLD!

His latest and greatest achievements are...
*Took his first steps!  He can stand pretty well and will take up to about seven steps on his own.  He is getting better every day. We will have a walker in no time!
*Two top teeth have popped through with a third one on it's way.  His first two teeth didn't even phase him, but he's been much for fussy with these top ones.  Poor guy.
*He loves when the light shines in on the carpet.  He tries to grab it and swat at it.  He also loves to play with his shadow.
*Loves to dance!  He moves his whole body side to side and nods his head.  
*We think he might be a lefty...he hold his bottle one- handed almost always with his left.  He usually picks his food up with his left hand, or sometimes will pick it up with his right and transfer it to his left before putting it in his mouth.
*Plays with door stoppers all. day. long.  Never seems to get old.
*Still obsessed with avocados.  Also loves most green smoothies, raspberries, and bread.
*He almost always prefers veggies over fruit.
*Extremely ticklish on his upper back and legs.  
*Loves to throw things.  I walked in to get him from a nap the other day and his socks that were on him when i put him down were next to the door.  The kids got an arm! 
*Laughs when we say NO or try to discipline.  We aren't very good at being stern.. he makes us laugh so dang easy!

Parks is such a happy boy that loves everyone.  He giggles constantly and says HI all day long.  He is truly the most precious boy we could ever imagine having.  We love him more and more every single day!

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  1. Look how cute he is! He is perfect. And you, my dear, are gorgeous.