Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Harmony Rosemary Hadfield.

Branson's sister Harmony left on her mission last Wednesday, September 11.  She is in the MTC for about 12 days and then heads off to Nashville, TN. Branson and I went to a wedding in Tennessee when we were dating and LOVED it! So we know Harm will, too!  Luckily she was able to come stay with us for about a week before her mission so we had a lot of time together.

The night before she left, we all went out to dinner to celebrate. 
We, of course, had to take gobs of pictures!

P-man is definitely going to miss his auntie Harm.  She was the best babysitter ever :)

 The best family shot we got. ^ haha Parker was giving Grammy kisses.

Someone was ready to eat...

The next day went by way too quick.  Harm had to be at the MTC by one, so we ran some last minute errands, got lunch at Cafe Rio, and said our goodbyes.  

We had about three minutes once we pulled up to the curb. It was definitely bittersweet saying bye to Harm.  We will miss her SO much, but we know she is where she needs to be and she will change so many lives out there.  

We love and miss you Harm!

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  1. So crazy to think about her on a mission! Sure makes me feel OLD!