Monday, February 18, 2013

weekend away.

This weekend we made a quick trip out to Mesquite to watch my brother-in-law, Preston, 
play in a couple baseball games.  The weather was wonderful and it was great spending time with family.  Everyone loves the time they get to spend with our little guy.

Grammy got Parks a little outfit for the games.

 That sun never felt so good!

Funny story: On Sunday we went to a small little ward in Mesquite. We are sitting in Sacrament and I had just fed Parker right before.  I had him on my lap and was burping him.  Out of no where he lets out this HUGE belch.  We started dying laughing.  Parks has also had a little cough for the past week and he was coughing a ton the whole time.  We felt bad that he was being so noisy.  Then I feel a little rumble...I look over to Branson and say "uh oh."  Then it happens...EXPLOSION on my lap.  It was SO loud that several rows in front of us were laughing.  The worst part is I completely forgot my diaper bag at home.  I knew instantly by the sound of it that we couldn't make it all the way through sacrament.  So church was cut a little short for B and I.  We get home and sure enough his car seat was covered and it had gone through my favorite outfit of his.  As you can see in the picture, he let loose.  
It was hilarious/really embarrassing. Oh the joys of parenthood. 
Wouldn't have it any other way <3 p="">


  1. ohhh blowouts....gotta love that. Ava did that on her blessing day, in her beautiful dress. It took me and my sister-in-law awhile to get the dress off of her. Luckily we got pics first.

    ps your hair is cute short, Shelly!

  2. Finally catching up. I love that you have pictures! Ha ha, it makes me wish I had captured Ro's insanely hilarious and make-you-want-to-cry blowouts, too.