Sunday, December 9, 2012


[This post was written a while ago but wasn't posted because of blogging issues...FYI]

One Month.
October 31st-December 1st

  • Can roll over from his stomach to his back on both sides. He's ambidextrous!
  • When he falls asleep for feedings it is impossible to wake the little guy up! #milkcoma 
  • Wipes the milk off his face after feeding. It is the funniest thing!
  • Dreams like crazy and smiles in his sleep.
  • Has ticklish feet-got that from his mommy.
  • Squeaks in his sleep.
  • Always crosses his arms across his chest and holds one hand in the other.
  • Has a new cry when he has's so sad!
  • Grunts a TON!
  • Not the biggest fan of binki's but will take one when needed.
  • He will stretch with both arms up in the air and yawn. He cracks us up!
  • Doesn't cry when getting his diaper changed anymore.
  • Gets his arms out from a double swaddle. He looked like the hulk trying to tear the blanket apart. There is no keeping them in!
  • Falls asleep so fast when dad lifts him up and down. It's a great workout for Branson, too! ;)

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