Monday, December 10, 2012

Gobble gobble.

Thanksgiving this year was spent with the Hadfield family.  
We stayed at Branson's grandparents' cabin in Beaver, Utah along with about 25 other family members.  
Beaver isn't the most happenin' place, but that's why we love it!
Not only is it beautiful up in the mountains, but there is little to no cell service so it's so fun to get away from the hustle and bustle for a few days.
We all just hang out, talk, eat, play games, go shooting, EAT, snowmobile (when there is snow) and enjoy each other.
Plus, Parker was a hit this year!
He was smothered with SO much love!
Let's just say the next two days after Thanksgiving, if he wasn't being held, he was NOT a happy boy.

 Our first Thanksgiving as a little family!

Ozzie and Pres ready to grub!

 Livy and Brent 

 Glen cutting the Turkey

 Grandpa Lynn, Bobbi and Grandma Karen

Love Parker's face in this one.

 Beautiful Allyn meeting her nephew for the first time.

 Grammy and Grandpa Hadfield

 Grandpa Hadfield with his first great-grandson.

 Great Grandma Hadfield

Kellee and Parks

Cute Tatum Lee.

Angel and my adorable little boy-how cute is that face!?

 Played a game of touch football.

 Kendall, Derek, and Ozzie takin a breather.

 Love these two num-nuts behind us. haha

 Me, Harm and Dani

Had to snap a pic in front of the "B"

My two favorites.

 Pres always lurking in the background. haha

D-rock LOVES his I love how preston is covering Branson's ears. haha

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. Baby Parker is so adorable! Miss seeing you guys around, you look great!