Monday, September 17, 2012

birthday weekend.

This past weekend was one of my all time favorites. My 23rd birthday was on the 15th and I got to spend it with my favorite person!

I loved having a birthday on a Saturday because I literally had a whole weekend to celebrate! On Friday we decided to head down to San Clemente for some beach action.  Considering it was 100+ in Murrieta that day, we thought the beach would be perfect. And indeed it was.

Afterwards we hit up some In-N-Out on the way home.  It's tradition...and don't mind that I had a burger and a half, fries and a shake. Baby was pleased :)

On my actual birthday Branson had a whole night planned in Beverly Hills.  
When we got there we walked around some shops and stared at all the ridiculously expensive cars parked on Sunset and Rodeo.  Then he takes me to one store in-particular...

I was SO excited! We walk in and the employees all yell HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELLY! I felt so cool.  Then they had a little necklace laying out with a note that said happy birthday.  When I looked at the necklace I was confused for about 1.5 seconds because it had a "P" on it...then it clicked.  I have LOVED the name Parker for our baby boy but Branson wasn't completely on board...until that night.  This was his little way of letting me know that we are naming our babe Parker.  How sweet is that?  I haven't taken it off since. I am so in love with it.

Then he surprises me with an amazing dinner at Morton's Steakhouse.  MAN that place is way too good.  Let me just say I could have bought a nice pair of shoes for the price of a slab of meat...(good thing we have American Express rewards points...ha!) No but really it was the best steak I have ever had!  And will probably be the last. But that's what made it so great :)

They even personalized the menu for me!

Branson had even more birthday surprises that made this one day I will never forget.  He spoiled me to death and I definitely felt the love. I am one LUCKY LADY!


  1. aww Parker! so adorable. i'm glad you had an amazing birthday weekend! birthdays are the best. :)

  2. Branson is the man!! Such a good birthday full of surprises! And I LOVE the name Parker... just adorable:) Happy Birthday Shell and we love you!

  3. I love the name Parker. So cute. And you're a hot pregnant girl, lucky lucky you ;)oh and happy birthday!

  4. happy happy belated bday shelly girl!!!! What a nice hubby you have indeed!

  5. What a perfect birthday and such a sweet way for him to tell you he was cool with the name Parker!

  6. AH! I am just so far I see the post. Yay for Parker :) How sweet. Love you.