Friday, January 20, 2012


I have a ton of random photos and videos from my phone that I thought i'd post for keepsake purposes. Just a heads up...quite some random shenanigans ahead.

Lovely little reunion with the old roomies in Murrieta. 
Tryin the red lip thing at Sephora.
<3 them!
Nielsen's Frozen Custard-Chocolate with brownie bites.
Mmm Tasty!
Went up to Idaho a couple weekends ago to cheer on Preston at a few of his basketball games.

 Britt this past summer in Chicago with the cutest pup ever.
Miss/love you Britt!

 You betcha!

BYU game! Co COUGS!

 Doug's nice little stance on the subway in New York.
Made me giggle.

 Lyndsey Lou introduced me to these nummy treats a while back.
I can't wait for summer...

 Green smoothie mustache.
Girl after my own heart....

Saweet view of the Utah mountains from my plane window.

One of my favorite things to do when I'm home...
Love me some late night Rite Aid ice cream.

"National Geographic!"

Annabelle dancing it up.

Lyla sending her love the night before we babysat. Cutie pie.

Finally nailing "the Bischoff"

Branson's championship intramural basketball game.
[sorry for the bad filming and loud screaming]

HAHA! I sure get a kick out of this boy...
He won some new Beats by Dre this summer and was giving them a little test run.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. miss you shell!! and i miss our summer in chicago...cody was just on the phone with branson and we decided you need to come with branson when he comes out here to sell for a week soon :)

  2. Loved the picture of Doug in the subway and LOVED the bischoff video! How have I never seen that before? Priceless. Miss you guys tons. Lets do another skype sesh cause I really miss you guys! LOVE YOU TONS!