Sunday, April 17, 2011

Team Holla

Branson made a big accomplishment this past week.  As many of you probably know, he plays on about four or five (I can't even keep track) intramural leagues with a bunch of his best friends.  Mostly basketball and then one football league.  They have even done softball and kickball.  They are ALL about it.  He's been playing with the same boys for about four years now.  A bunch of the guys are graduating/got jobs/leaving Provo etc., so this was their last year to play together.  Their goal was to win both division-1 football and division-1 basketball through BYU.  They won the football league during the fall, so that left the basketball league.  Last Wednesday was the championship game and it was by far the most intense game I have watched yet.  I know how much these boys wanted to win this, so that made it all the more nerve racking. We were down about 15 points at one point, so I have to say I had my doubts.  Sure enough though they pulled through with a victory.  Turns out they were the first team in BYU history to win both leagues.  Pretty impressive.

 Team Holla
 We won by three! Victory!
They've never been so happy to win a T-shirt...

To celebrate the win, the team + the wives + some friends went out to Happy Sumo last night (Thanks to Marie Woodfield-John's mom- who took us out, Her treat! ).  At just our table alone there was about 10 of us, and we ordered at least 25 rolls plus appetizers.  There was not even a crumb left.  The bill came out to be over 300 after tip....and that's with half off sushi!!  It's amazing how much those guys can eat.  Anyway, it was a blast celebrating and watching these boys play.  It couldn't have ended any better!