Friday, April 8, 2011


I have realized that I have a lot of NEEDS.  Branson calls them WANTS, but I call them needs.  Okay fine, I don't need them but I desperately want them.  One thing being this:

What I like to call an idesktop, aka iMac.  (I really did think it was called that and when I told Branson I wanted the "idesktop", he about DIED.)  I have an HP laptop which isn't horrible, but it's time to let the little guy go.  It doesn't last more than 45 minutes unless it's plugged in charging.  Which is not always possible in the massive classrooms at BYU that only have like two plugs. Plus it freezes on me constantly.  I'm surprised I haven't thrown it against the wall yet. So, instead of getting another laptop, I want this.  I only have a year left of school and then what will I use a laptop for?  I would much, much rather have a desktop.  So that's number one on my wish list :)

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