Sunday, March 6, 2011

"That's How we Party on President's Day"

Over president's day weekend we made a trip with some of our friends to California for some fun in the sun.  We needed a break from the freezing cold weather here in Utah so we decided to hit the road.  

We stayed at a resort in Anaheim, just a couple blocks from Disneyland.  The night we got in, we decided to hang out in downtown LA.  We met up with Garrett's sister Gabes, (such a cute girl) and she took us to a restaurant called Urth for lunch.  The food was pretttty delicious.  Then we went shopping in Santa Monica where the boys spent WAY too much time in Nike Town.  From their we got some more food and then had dessert-my favorite!  We went to a place similar to smart cookie, but even better.  And it cost 3 bucks total for our dessert.  That's my kind of place. 
(Sadly we didn't document this day very well)
The next day we went to DISNEYLAND! 

Thanks to Cory and his knee surgery, we had handicap parking privileges. It was amazing.

The boys were excited to say the least.

Branson's eyes are closed^. Surprise, surprise. They are in every other picture.  
I need to superglue them open.

The Gee's having fun on the gigantic jungle gym

My first time at California Adventure.  And sad to say it almost tops Disneyland.  If I wasn't so attached to the memories from my childhood , I'd have to say CA adventure comes in first.

By far our favorite ride...Toy Story.  We went on this over 5 times.  It was WAY too addicting.  We kept wanting to beat our scores, plus it was so fun.  Garrett topped us all with a score of 191,000.  

A bug's Life ride.  Pretty amazing what people can do with technology these days.

SO HAPPY to be there!  Even though we experienced a down wasn't as sunny as we had planned, but it definitely made for some funny moments.

Disneyland churros are THEE best.

Nice Branson...

Haha! This is Cory in a nut shell.  Such a goof.

Gar Bum and his huge turkey leg.  We all agreed that it tasted like ham?

Our last full day in CA we decided to take it easy and relax.  B and I and Jess and Garrett went to a ward close to the hotel and Lynds and Cor went to a ward with a family member in LA.  After church, we decided to walk to the beach (since we didn't have a car) but it was super close.  We joked along the way that the boys looked like two missionaries that had picked up some blonds and decided to ditch out on church. haha.  We probably looked pretty ridiculous.  When we got to Huntington it ended up being pretty cold.  But we shopped a bit and then had lunch at BJ's.  We had to introduce the Gee's to one of our favorite desserts-The Pazookie. From there, B and I met up with one of my best friend's Sierra and her boyfriend Tyler for dinner.  They were so nice to come up to Huntington to visit for a while.  We had a good time as always.  While we were visiting with them, the rest of the group went to Balboa.  They took some great pictures and it made me miss it big time.  It's beautiful there.

The blonds and the "missionaries"

Gar and B playing some football on the beach

The Huntington Pier


Some good-looking people right here :)

Then before we knew it, the trip came to an end and we had to head back to Utah.  Cali, you will be missed.

P.S. I am aware that this post is long overdue.  I've been a horrible blogger. My apologies.

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