Thursday, December 30, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

I did a horrible job at documenting Christmas this year. But regardless it was one of the best Christmas' I've ever had.  Probably because I got to spend it with my Branson.  Yeah, that's definitely it. ;)

We spent Christmas Eve at my mom's house and Christmas day at my dad's.  Still getting used to the whole divorce thing.  It's so inconvenient, to say the least.  BUT I have to make the best of it.  Sadly I didn't take ANY pictures on Christmas day.  Although that's probably a good thing because we all looked haggard.  We woke up, opened presents, eat a big breakfast, played games, watched movies, and eat a big dinner.  No need to get all dressed up for that.  I just wish I had my dad in these pictures. :( But anyways, we had a wonderful Christmas and we are so sad it's over!
My mom made us stockings!  She is making it a tradition and will make each of our kids one, too.

I always love the "funny face" pictures the best.

I love this man^
Jenee is really pretty.
The "kids"

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