Monday, November 29, 2010

Muddley Crew

On Saturday the 13th, Branson and I, my sister Jenee, and some of her friends all ran in the Del Mar Mud Run in California.  It's a 5k that they put on every year, and you run through mud!  You could pick a theme if you wanted, so we all dressed up as 80's rock.  We made tutu's which was fun, but NOT practical for a mud run.

Don't you just LOVE those short shorts on B? haha.  Good thing he's got some thick, sexy legs to show off.
There were a lot of hills and mud pits that you had to crawl through.

I lost my tutu half way through.  I completely submerged myself in the mud, and it was just weighing me down.  So i tossed it.

The after picture.

It was really funny watching everyone crawl through the mud and it was actually harder than I thought.  The mud was really heavy, so it felt like I was running with weights on or something.  It was a great workout.  But we had a great time and I would love to do it again next year, just with a better costume.

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