Thursday, June 24, 2010

Settling down in Chi town...

So I decided it was about time I started blogging...hopefully for good this time. I had Aarean make me a blog last summer, but I was just so busy with work and school to really stick with it. Now that I am living in Chicago for the summer (with no car) I figure what better time to become a blogger! Branson is now working for an alarm company called Elite Home Security which is what brought us to Chicago. (32 hour drive, by the way, and we're still goin strong.) We actually aren't living in the city, but are in a little suburb called Bloomingdale. It is so pretty and green here. REALLY humid though. The weather has actually been really weird since we got here. Huge thunder storms that have actually knocked over semi trucks and over 1,000 people are out of power. It's crazy! I'm so not used to this kind of weather, but it's fun to experience something new. Anyways, while Branson is at work all day, I try to keep busy. There is a Meijer right across the street (which is equivalent to a Walmart) and a mall a block or two down the road so I just walk wherever I need to go. I have really enjoyed that and not to mention it's good for me! We didn't bring much with us to Chicago simply because it wouldn't all fit in the car. But we love our first little place together and we couldn't be happier!

I probably could have tidied up a bit before taking pictures, but OH WELL. Obviously it's nothing special but it's all we need for two months here. It feels good to finally settle down after planning a wedding for months and traveling for the past two weeks, and we can't wait for what is in store for us!

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  1. Cute new blog Shelly. I know all about those summer sale experiences, tiny apartments, and rented furniture. :) Good and bad memories for me. Anyways, I had no idea Branson sold security systems. Did you know that Paul started his own security company? If Branson wants a job here in Utah after the summer, let us know... I'm sure Paul would love to sit down and talk with him.

    Your place is darling and of course you two look like Barbie and Ken(you haven't heard that one yet right?)Super cute....welcome to the married blogging world!