Thursday, May 15, 2014

18 months.

Parker is now officially one and a half (plus some)! That calls for a little update.

 *Went to nursery for the first time two Sunday's ago.  Branson and I both walked by the classroom at least three times each and you could tell he absolutely loved it. It was a bittersweet moment for me, but I'm excited to actually get something out of church now.
*New words - bak-it ball (basketball), yeyo (yellow), teeth, wa wa (water), hot (now with hand motions), one, three, five, six, eight and nine, says "hi cutie pie" which he mocks from a teddy bear that plays peek-a-boo, baby, mo (more, and still signs it), bat, and no-no-no (he hardly ever says just one "no"). He's pretty good at trying to copy words that we ask him to say, but he uses these words often.
*Sings along with us and does all the signs to "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Patty Cake."
*Knows every color of the rainbow and can point to numbers 1-10 when asked.
*We have a first words book and when we ask him to point to certain things, he pretty much knows everything in the book. He seems to be catching on to things super quick now. He really is a little sponge and wants to learn SO much.
*He is finally an amazing sleeper. I used to dread putting him down at night and for naps because he usually always cried. Now when we put him to bed he smiles at us and waves bye and blows kisses. It melts my heart EVERY night.
*He LOVES to count and sing his abc's. You can't understand him one bit (besides b,c,d), but he totally knows what he's saying.
*Loves to put things in the shopping cart while grocery shopping. I hand everything to him and he throws it behind him in the cart.
*Lovessss when we throw a ball up high and catch it. Repeat, repeat, repeat. I swear he could watch us throw balls all day long.
*Tries to make the sound of the vacuum and the blender when being used.
*Loves to push buttons in the elevator.
*Holds our hands when walking. He actually prefers to just hold one finger and it's the cutest thing.

That's all the new things that I don't think I've posted in the past. He is learning and growing SO fast and getting more and more handsome every day. I stare at him and can't believe he's mine. I'm so lucky.

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