Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 months.

Another month has flown by.  Our little munckin is 5 months old! 

Here are his latest acheivements:

* He can sit up on his own! He is still a little wobbly but gets more and more stable every day.
* He does this new thing we call "flutter kicks."  He lifts his head up, straightens his legs out and flutters them super fast.  It is ADORABLE and we die laughing every time.  The little mans got super strength.
* He says hi...we like to think so anyway.  We are constantly saying it to him and we swear he says it back.
* He seems to be recognizing his name and turns when his name is said.
* Close to rolling over from his back to his tummy.  He gets to his side and arches his back but then plops back to his back.  
*He has started to sleep on his side.  Probably time to stop swaddling him...
* Giggles like crazy.  It's my all time favorite thing.
* He puts his arms up when we unbuckle him from the carseat for us to take him out. I love this!
* Finally sleeping better at night...for a while he was good, but this last month was horrible. (I hope this doesn't jinx me)... Parks was waking up EVERY hour and needed to be rocked/soothed back to sleep.  Well i found out that a babies sleep cycle is every 45 minutes and he just couldn't put himself back to sleep.  So we started the cry it out method (kinda...i gave in pretty much every time).  It was the HARDEST thing and I was in tears every time.  But it has worked wonders and our little guy is finally getting the rest he needs.
* He loves hands...we will put our hands in front of his face and move our fingers around and he grins so big.
* He is definitely ready for solids.  He watches what we do so closely and wants to eat everything we eat.
* We let him suck on a lime and it was the funniest thing to watch.
* Helps put his arms through clothes when getting dressed.

We sure do adore this little blue-eyed blondie!


  1. What a cute lil guy. I bet it is SO fun when they start doing new things!

  2. Love that liittle smiley face.