Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Au revoir to our first home.

Branson and I decided it was time to take the next step and move into a bigger home (aka condo).  We absolutely loved our first place and feel so blessed to have lived there.  We met some life-long friends  and will never forget the memories that were made.  But the time came when we grew out of our cute little one bed, one bath apartment.  With baby boy on the way, there was just no way everything and everyone would fit.

It's amazing how much we have seen the Lord's hand in our lives the past year.  One of B's buddies told us that he and his wife were moving out of there condo in The Arbors (um, yes please!) so we jumped on it.  It's basically a stellar deal (yes, i just said stellar) that we couldn't pass up.  We have much more room here and are absolutely in love with our new place- it already feels like home.  BLESSED I tell ya! Baby boy has his own room and I'm just starting to get my hands on it.  It's a great new start to this new chapter in our lives and we couldn't be happier.

BUT we will always miss our first little apartment as a married couple...

So long Halladay!

May your new renters take good care of you...

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