Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Skydive SD

For a Christmas gift last year, my sister bought Branson and I tickets to go skydiving together in San Diego.  Branson had never been and we had talked about going together for a long time.  We were super excited to experience that amazing thrill together.  BUT...i got pregnant soon after which kinda changed the plans a bit.  I didn't think it was the best idea to jump out of an airplane with a baby growing inside of me, so I told my sister to go with B instead.  Branson was down in California for work so he and Jenee decided to jump last minute.  I was SO bummed I wasn't there (and a little worried to say the least) but I am so glad he finally got to go skydiving...and that he and my sister made it out alive!

Such goobers.

Branson LOVES a good thrill.
He was so excited on the plane that he literally gave knuckles (aka pound it... whatever you call it) to himself and didn't even realize it.  He thought it was the guys hand behind him until my sister said "You just pounded your own hand!" haha! You could say his adrenaline was definitely pumping.

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  1. the things we sacrifice to be moms! so worth it though