Tuesday, August 2, 2011


well, i am officially back in p-town. it feels good to be back in our own place again.  branson is now working in denver for a couple more weeks and then we will be done for the summer. pretttttty happy about that.

i have also decided to run THIS half marathon in moab with a couple of friends.  it's in november so we have from now until then to train. 13.1 miles!? call me crazy.  i always used to say that i would never run long distance. but hey, never say never right?

i've never been to moab either, and it sure looks beautiful. 

wish me luck!


  1. Shell bell I am glad your back. I need an old friend. And I am moving next week so I'll be 3 ft away anytime you get lonely without B around. Love ya.

  2. a half marathon!? wow you're ambitious! maybe we can run one together someday when my feet aren't retarted. miss you!

  3. That looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! How fun!