Sunday, July 17, 2011

girls night out.

last week i flew out to California for a week of fun-filled festivities. [that was a lot of f's] these next couple posts will be all about my trip home, which i must say was so fun and memorable.

my first full day in CA we celebrated my best friend mandy's bachelorette party.  we took her out to eat at shogun for some delicious sushi and habachi grill.  

everyone that worked at the restaurant kept wishing her a happy birthday, when her crown clearly said "bride." it was weird.

after dinner, we surprised her with a poll dancing class at a studio in temecula. yes, poll dancing.

^this was our way of blindfolding.  we didn't think that far in advance so sierra's t-shirt had to do.

the class was so so so much fun! we learned some cool tricks on the poll and mandy got in tune with her sexual side for the big night ;).  don't worry, we kept it PG-13. everyone loved it, especially mandy, and i was so happy :)  

after we went for some dessert at white lime. topped off the night perfectly :)

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  1. I want to take those classes so bad! I watched a show on them and those girls are so fit! I think it would be so fun...for working out I mean :)