Wednesday, May 25, 2011


every now and then i go on to watch the videos on the main page.  they are always so uplifting and humbling. they help me to put things into perspective. 
this particular video really struck me.  the message is so simple and true.

 i think back to august 3rd 2008 and feel so grateful for the path that i have chosen.  for the path that God has made for me.  i truly don't know where i would be without the church.  i'm sure i would be fine and happy.  but not the kind of happiness that everyone deserves.  to have that hope and faith in something that is so real and makes perfect sense.  that makes life WORTH living.  the Book of Mormon IS the word of God.  my testimony of its truth and divinity has grown so much since that day.  and i'm forever grateful for that.

i pray that one day my family will get to feel the joy that i feel from this message. 

here's another amazing video.  it's a tear-jerker for sure.


  1. This makes me SO happy Shell Bell :)

  2. I feel the same way shelly! Life is so much more meaningful and like you said WORTH living for. I'm glad Heavenly Father put us in each others lives and that we have became friends. It's always nice to be close to someone who can relate to you in that aspect =] It's also great how are conversion stories are similar! I love it. I miss you girly so hurry home so we can hang out! =] love ya